Muslim Wedding Photography


Here at Reflection Studio Photography we really capture your families relationships during your photo shoot. We won’t make you sit and stare into the camera. It’s all about having a bit of fun. We can comfortably fit up to 15 people in the studio (animals are also welcome). You will have an hour in the studio so your photographer will take a range of images for you. You don’t have to all be in every photo – we will take individual image too.

Your photographer will book you in for a viewing appointment  to our Cinema Room at the end of your session so make sure you bring your diaries along with you

If you have any family interests, you can bring some items along to display this. Or if you have any individual hobbies or interests, bring these along too. We can will take some natural ones too!


Photo shoot

  • Arrive ready dressed for your appointment (casual wear or formal the choice is yours)

  • A variety of photos will be taken

  • Bring an outfit change, toys or props to personalize your shoot

  • Your photo shoot lasts approximately 1 hour

  • Stay away from wearing all white, it`s nice to have colour as the photography studio is white
  • Please note that full length photos will be taken so wear appropriate footwear or go bare feet, the choice is yours.

  • Need to Book in for Viewing appointment


  • View all your images on our Cinema Room straight after your photo shoot

  • Lasts approximately 1 hour

  • Select your complimentary 8 in x 12 Inch portrait

  • Any additional portraits and products can be purchased at this time from our extensive Studio range at exclusive prices.  However additional viewings can be arranged at a cost of £25 per session and booking subject to availability.

  • All orders take 4-6 weeks and must be collected from the studio.


  • We accept cash Only

Under 18`s must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.